Why Chase Happiness?

What is happiness anyway? Is it worth striving for? Psychology Professor Sonja Lyubomirsky in her book “The How of Happiness” describes happiness as “the experience of joy, contentment or positive well-being, combined with a sense that one’s life is good, meaningful and worthwhile”. Makes sense right?Happiness is subjective. For each and every one of us, the things that bring happiness will be different.   For me a good night’s sleep followed by an early morning run or yoga set the dial to happiness every day (a snoring husband can sometimes interfere with this so I keep a good stock of earplugs at the ready!).

Family, friends and work all benefit when I stick to this plan. For someone else, it will be coffee with friends on a regular basis or reaching sales targets at work, maybe just getting some alone-time each day.  We are all unique and our happiness formulae are too. However, the benefits of happiness along with the tools we use to be happy will be the largely the same for all of us.

I have listed my Top 10 below:

  1. DECIDE you will be both happy and successful.
  2. Be THANKFUL every day.
  3. SMILE a lot.
  4. KNOW what makes you happy. DO more of it.
  5. Write down your Top 5 VALUES.
  6. DO something every day to honour those values.
  7. Create your own PURPOSE statement. Say it every morning.
  8. Be KIND to yourself and others.
  9. EXERCISE, preferably outside.
  10. Be interested in others – LISTEN, SOCIALISE.

The benefits of happiness are enormous – better health, more fulfilling relationships, decreased stress and improved coping mechanisms; increased productivity and creativity, more fun. The list goes on…

Worth the effort? Absolutely.