Chocolate Is My Kindness – What’s Yours?

I love chocolate when I’m working at the computer – I am way more creative after a mid-afternoon cuppa and some good dark chocolate, maybe with orange pieces. Today’s delicious dark chocolate inspired me to finally write this chocolate blog.

There are so many times when a little dark chocolate tastes so delicious – for chocolate lovers it’s a great idea to always carry some with you. It can stop you reaching for that big cream bun – it is after all the healthier option of the two.

Many of us in our quest for health and happiness try really hard to eat well, exercise and be generally healthy. I am one of those people. Sometimes, when people try too hard however, and deny themselves chocolate (or other little kindnesses like fresh air, time to oneself, the odd massage etc), this can actually cause stress. Consistent self-denial can result in unhappiness, anxiety, anger, depression and a host of physical ailments. Always making sacrifices for the good of others may not actually result in helping others. “Others”, being family members, friends, colleagues are happier dealing with happy self-fulfilled people rather than martyrs who are stressed from self-denial and behave accordingly.

Some years ago I was running a business that was particularly stressful and in order to keep on top of things I convinced myself that I had to be 100% healthy to have the focus and energy to succeed (through the recession). I denied myself sugar, including chocolate during most weekdays, only allowed at weekends. I was very stressed which I put down to business pressures – however, it was also the denial to myself of any little kindness whilst allowing the business to consume my thoughts and actions that also contributed to the stress. In the intervening years, working on my own self-development and also with clients as a coach I have come to know that being kind to yourself as well as to others, not only decreases stress but improves confidence and really contributes to life’s happiness & enjoyment.

My little kindness to me often comes in the form of chocolate – what’s your kindness to you?